"Clean & effective haircare rooted in the natural power of oils"


Nourish Hair Oil


Dinaïa is a clean haircare brand, celebrated for its refined sophistication and commitment to natural, bio-active ingredients. Our vegan and cruelty-free formulations are firmly rooted in the transformative power of oils, harnessing the efficacy of nature's gift to deliver exceptional results. The brand’s commitment to clean beauty means you can trust our range to be free from harmful chemicals, additives, and synthetic fragrances. Our mission is to empower the health-conscious Arab woman who understands the importance of quality, by offering premium products that honor her rich cultural heritage while respecting her progressive lifestyle. 

Our core brand philosophy is to seamlessly bridge the gap between science and tradition, offering you the best of both worlds. Our products are expertly crafted in Europe, using ingredients of Arab origin. This blend of time-honored beauty practices and cutting-edge scientific innovation ensures that Dinaïa  stands as a testament to the power of modern haircare grounded in ancestral wisdom. We work closely with a team of expert women who share our vision, including scientists, haircare professionals, researchers and brand specialists to develop innovative solutions that cater to your unique haircare needs. 

Born as a hybrid of our founder’s name Dina and “Enaya”, the Arabic word for “care”, Dinaïa’s not just a brand, it’s a community. By nurturing this community of talented women, we inspire each other to embrace our natural beauty and engage in ethical practices. Our commitment extends beyond the confines of beauty & personal care, and we are working towards prioritizing environmental responsibility at every step of our production process. Dinaïa is more than just haircare, it’s a lifestyle choice that pays homage to heritage, embraces a holistic approach towards haircare and cherishes beauty in its purest, most authentic form.

Founder : Dina Shaban


Hi, I'm Dina Shaban, the founder of Dinaïa. As a Dubai-based entrepreneur, my passion and mission revolve around bringing clean and premium quality haircare solutions to our underserved market in the Arab world.

Living in Dubai's hot climate, I constantly battled with dry and frizzy hair. I struggled to find a natural, effective, and affordable product that could withstand the harsh and dusty environment. Compounded by the challenges of bathing in hard water, my hair growth became sluggish, intensifying my concerns for its health. This personal struggle fueled my fascination with hair oils, a passion that originated during my teenage years. Eager to deepen my knowledge in the field, I pursued a haircare course to further enhance my expertise.

During my journey, I discovered the alarming truth about the ingredients commonly found in haircare brands. Most of them offered a quick fix in the short term but inflicted long-lasting damage to the hair. And while clean haircare brands do exist in the market, they predominantly cater to the distinct needs of either European or African hair types, often neglecting the specific needs of Arab hair types and textures, which fall somewhere in between.

Motivated by the shared hair concerns of my friends and the wider Arab community, I felt a deep desire to share my haircare knowledge and passion with them. This inspiration led me to establish a homegrown and affordable haircare brand where clean, vegan, and cruelty-free principles merge seamlessly with the wisdom of tradition and the advancements of science. Dinaïa was born. Together, let's celebrate the natural beauty of healthy hair and nurture our vibrant Arab community.