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At Dinaïa, we celebrate the beauty of health-conscious Arab women.

Nourish Hair Oil & Nourish Skin Oil

Dinaïa: Elevate your beauty ritual with our Nourish Hair Oil and Nourish Skin Oil. We are a clean haircare brand known for refined sophistication and dedication to natural, bio-active ingredients. Our vegan and cruelty-free formulations harness the transformative power of oils, delivering exceptional results without harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Join us on a journey of revitalization – where Dinaïa stands as a testament to the power of modern haircare grounded in ancestral wisdom a celebration of sophistication, tradition, and unique beauty

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Your self care journey begins here...
  • Nourish Hair Oil

    Our signature Hair Oil is a blend of carefully selected natural oils, that nourishes dry hair, combats frizz, and adds shine and curl definition.

  • Nourish Skin Oil

    Reveal your natural beauty with our Skin Oil, a luxurious blend that moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it soft and radiant.


"No more dry, stressed, frizzy locks"

This all-natural hair oil harnesses the power of desert date and fig seed oils to nourish, repair, and unleash lustrous waves. No more dry, stressed, frizzy locks – instead strands are left silky soft and scented with frankincense, patchouli, and myrrh.


our story Meet the face behind the brand

Founded in the heart of Dubai, Dinaïa is on a mission to be the leading haircare destination in the Arab World. Our commitment to clean beauty means you can trust our range to be free from harmful chemicals.

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cruelty free

vegan friendly

99% natural

silicone free

alcohol free

sulfate free

paraben free

phthalates free

no artificial fragrance

no artificial dyes

What Our Customers Say

Perfect for curls!

"Super light hair oil, not oily at all. I love the way it feels in my hair and allows my curls to fall nicely. The oil gets rid of the frizz but also hydrates my hair so well. It’s perfect for curls! I really like it.."

~Sara D. - Dubai, UAE

Highy recommend!

"I love this Skin Oil. My skin feels smooth and hydrated and it smells amazing too! The quantity is also very generous! Highly recommended!"

~Al Anoud A. - Dubai, UAE

Smells amazing!

"My frizzy dry hair loves the Dinaïa Hair Oil! I've used it before a wash, after on wet hair and even on dry hair, i can't get enough. My hair gets so soft and shiny, and smells amazing!"

~Hala A. - Dubai, UAE

Transformed my skin!

"I tried the Nourish Skin Oil and it transformed my skin! It’s absolutely a must have!!! Its non-sticky formula is perfect for warm weather, leaving my skin feeling soft while avoiding any discomfort. I love the subtle shine it leaves on the skin, very natural."

~Nour S. - Dubai, UAE

Great for thin hair!

"I have thin hair, which usually gets greasy fast when using hair oil.. honestly speaking, this product not only smelt incredible but it gave my hair such a natural glow without the heaviness of usual hair oils. Highly recommend it for the thin hair girlies"

~Layla Mae L. - Dubai, UAE

Highly recommend!

"I was impressed with how the Nourish Skin Oil has provided me with lasting hydration this winter and an even glow that is soft to the touch. It also layers beautifully under my perfume, I highly recommend it ."

~Kareema A. - Dubai, UAE

Helps with frizz & flyaways..

"Dinaïa’s Hair Oil is everything you need! Not only does it leave your hair hydrated but it also helps with frizz and flyaways and frizz and it smells lovely!"

~Veronica S. - Dubai, UAE

Hydrates the skin!

"I love the Dinaia Skin Oil. It smells amazing but isn’t overpowering. Hydrates the skin and absorbs early, doesn’t leave a greasy feel like other oils I’ve tried. I’ve noticed my skin elasticity improve from using it regularly. And I love that it’s a clean line :) "

~Michelle B. - Dubai, UAE

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